We need some positive volunteer spirit to keep us moving forward and have four areas that we need help with! Would you like to lend us a hand? Sign up below.  Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch to talk specifics.

Thanks bunches!

Floating Friends

Ready to mingle?! This is the job for you. We love our guests and want them to know it! With your handy clipboard and event fliers in hand you will roam the event, greet our vendors and guests and answer any questions that might come up. Fighting chaos is your main job... but if it creeps in we will be right there to help! Never underestimate the power of a friendly face and that face is you!

Information Station guru

Take a load off, relax and man our information booth on the corner of Main & Detroit Street for the evening. All that is needed is a friendly smile and a positive attitude! You will assist with general questions about the event and pass out our event fliers. Don't worry! You will have our number to report any complex problems or concerns!

grand gophers

it is exactly what it sounds like... run, run, run. We promise it isn't too hateful! We have lots of fun stuff that needs set up and torn down before and after the main event and our gophers are our main peeps! Grab our banners, roll up power cords or deliver left behind items to home base... being there to help us take care of these tasks is a tremendous help and we could definitely use your help!

Carny for a day

"Step right up!" "Try your chances here!" Do you like kiddo-s? How about carnival games? You will fit in here just perfect! Work one of our 15 carnival games, cash in tickets for prizes or sell First Friday dollars... this project takes a boat load of volunteers to keep going so we would love to see you there. We promise you'll have fun at the same time!


Nothing above spark your interest? Mark 'other' and let us know what you have in mind!