Greetings from First Fridays in Xenia!

We are pleased to invite you to participate in our fabulous fun-filled event in downtown Xenia! Get your application in to reserve your spot. Thanks for joining us and we appreciate your continued support!

Street Vendor

$25 per booth per month or $50 per booth per month for electric. 

Street vendors are provided a 10 x 10 sidewalk space downtown. You can purchase up to 3 booths if needed and will need to provide your own tents, tables, extension cords (if purchased electric) etc for the event. We would love to help with this but we don't have the man power or budget! If you have a physical impairment and need some assistance give us a shout and we will see what we can do.

ROAMING vendor

       $20 per person per month. No electric options available.

Let's stroll! Roaming vendors are given a 'vendor' badge and are able to roam the event and sell merchandise, pass out information or entertain guests. This is a great option if our booth spots are sold out, you can sell out of your handy-dandy cart or you don't want to stay put! We have a lot of people on the streets so this option might make sense if you have a simple set-up. We look forward to seeing you on the streets!

Food vendor

$50 per booth per month or $100 per booth per month for electric.

YUM! Food vendors are given a designated spot in our food court area. We have limited water lines & electric hook-ups available so get your app in early! Food trucks that can be operated without electric and water may be placed in various locations throughout the event. Help us out and please clean up your space before heading out. We look forward to trying your tasty treats!

Make checks payable to: GREENE GIVING with “First Fridays” in the memo line. 
Return applications & payment to: First Fridays, 72 S. Detroit Street, Xenia, OH 45385.

The low down on Our Policies:

Application Deadlines: While we would love to accept your applications up until the day before our event we just can't... It takes too much organization and our volunteers would go bonkers! Applications are due one month prior to the event. We will accept applications up until the 15th of the month with a $25 late fee. Help us out and get your applications and payment in early! Applications will be approved at the discretion of the First Fridays Committee. 

Weather Policy: We have ordered perfect weather for the entire season... but should someone misplace our order  know that First Fridays is a rain or shine event! Participation is at your discretion but we can't offer booth refunds for weather or cancellations. If the weather is so extreme that the quality of the event is threatened the committee reserves the right to cancel the event and your fee is non-transferable or refundable. We will try with all our might to keep the show going but sometimes it is out of our hands. 

Electricity Policy: It's wonderful... and in high demand! Our electric spaces are super limited so we can't guarantee their availability. Make sure to submit your application early for your best chance to snag one of these spaces.. 

No-Show Policy: We get it… things come up that we don't plan for! If you have to cancel just let us know as soon as you do at Unfortunately, we can't offer you a refund but we might be able to make use of your space. Once or twice we get it but it makes us sad if you keep signing up and not coming so please don’t do that!

Vendor Agreement: We think this is common sense but hey, it doesn't hurt to remind everyone! 

  1. Bring your gear! Anything needed for your booth will have to come from you (tents, tables, chairs,cords etc.)

  2. Brush up on your vendor responsibilities... Below are links to the Greene County Health Department Regulations, Xenia Fire Department Vendor Safety Requirements and Cottage (Home) Food Fact Sheet. Make sure you are up to date!

  3. Clean up after yourself. Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top take your trash and waste with you. Our volunteers have to stay and clean the streets so if we all pitch in and leave our own space looking great it will help bunches!

  4. Some streets are closed so don;t forget! Vendors have to get to their booth space without entering the blocked streets. We have a lot of entertainment setting up and vehicles coming in and out causes loads of problems. The streets close @ 3PM so if you need to drop off early to unload make sure you plan ahead.

  5. Stay and say hi! Make sure your booth is ready @ 5PM and attended until we close down at 9PM.

  6. Keep your booth to yourself. No sharing please. Keep it fair and have anyone that wants to participate turn in their own application.

  7. Keep it clean people... we are a family event.

  8. Lastly... HAVE FUN!